Horse Sense for Human Development

Unbridled Learning Solutions is an experiential learning method dedicated to providing a unique and proven approach to Leadership and Team Development that profoundly impacts work place performance. Our programs provide an accelerated and powerful learning experience that strengthens leaders and their teams by partnering with horses as teachers and guides. There is no riding involved or horse experience required, so everyone can enjoy participating and learning from the horses.

As highly social, soulful and finely tuned intuitive observers of their environment, horses are master teachers to guide humans in the subtle nonverbal nuances of leadership, social and emotional intelligence. Individuals learn to understand and work with the language and nature of the horse by using their own body as a sensing tool. While developing empathy for the horses and learning to support their equine partners through a series of well-planned learning activities, individuals find ways to cultivate and enhance their own leadership, communication and interpersonal skills for their benefit as well as the benefit of others.

This rewarding training and development method is called Equine Assisted Learning (EAL). Because individuals and groups often behave the same way whether in the barnyard or in the office, the EAL experience becomes a metaphor for organizational behavior. Our programs respect the client and the horses and maintain their integrity at all times.

Organizations, sports teams and their coaches, groups or individuals, anyone can benefit where communication and teamwork are essential to success.

The result? Immediate transformation, profound learning, and adaptable sustainable skills creating a work place with enhanced strengths.



Why Horses?

Horses are extraordinary animals to be around and interact with because like humans, they are social animals with their own personalities and moods. The opportunity to partner with horses creates a learning environment of constantly changing and evolving experiences.

Horses are prey animals. A prey animal is hunted by another for food. Survival is programmed in their DNA. They are constantly aware of everything that is going on around them, evaluating and interpreting their environment all the time, sensing the underlying emotional and energetic currents…Read More

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